Marine Subwoofers: Everything You Should Know

Do you know the sound systems used outdoors require special grades? Let me tell you they do.

Marine Subwoofers, Speakers, Amps, etc., refer to sound systems designed for outdoor uses.

These audio systems are made using marine-grade materials and specially designed for water transport systems such as boats, ships, cruises, etc,.

Be it a boat, navy ship, cargo, or passenger cruise, these systems are made to serve different purposes including entertainment.

However, let us focus on people who frequently travel via water routes and can’t sacrifice the entertainment factor.

Of course, it’s all about enjoying their favorite musical notes without compromising the quality due to climatic conditions.

It involves speakers, subwoofers, and supporting amplifiers to power them.

Let us discuss in brief about Marine subwoofer and speaker systems below.

What are Marine Subwoofers?

Marin subwoofers are built with marine-grade materials and serve the same purpose as a standard subwoofer does. The materials used to make these units protect them from marine environmental conditions.

The marine-grade materials are resistant to extreme temperatures, UV rays, water, salt, and dust.

These specialized subwoofers do not compromise on sound quality and can deliver high-quality low-frequency sounds in different climatic conditions.

Can you use regular Subwoofers in Marine environments?

No, the regular subwoofers will not sustain under harsh marine environments. The exposure to water, salt, and UV rays will corrode and deteriorate the paper or fabric materials used to make standard subwoofers.

Hence, marine-grade subwoofers are designed to withstand different climatic conditions and perform in marine environments.

What sizes are Marine Subwoofers?

Marin subwoofers are available in various sizes as the standard subwoofers do. You can find your ideal sizes ranging in 8″, 10″, 12″ (inches) and higher.

What is a Marine enclosure in a Subwoofer?

A marine enclosure is referred to as a subwoofer mounting enclosure which is made using marine-grade materials.

Marine enclosures are capable of withstanding different environmental conditions as they are usually rotomolded out of high-density polyethylene.

Are there benefits to using Marine Subwoofers?

A marine subwoofer can output the best quality low-frequency sound (bass) in a marine environment. 

The marine-grade materials used to make them are resistant to UV rays, water, salt, and extreme temperatures.

With all these added factors, you can have a durable specialized subwoofer to enhance your overall audio experience even under harsh environmental conditions.

How do you choose a Marine Subwoofer?

When choosing a marine subwoofer, most factors are similar to standard subwoofers except for the use of marine-grade materials and their installation techniques.

However, the most common factors that you can consider are as follows:

Size and power handling of the subwoofer

The size of the subwoofer depends on the systems you want to pair with and your placement preferences.

Secondly, when it comes to power you should consider the RMS power ratings and the Peak power range.

RMS is measured in watts and rates the average output or the power level a subwoofer can maintain for extended periods.

You can also consider the peak power rating to understand the maximum output your subwoofer can deliver in less time.

Frequency Response

You should also consider the range of frequencies a subwoofer can deliver with optimum sound levels. This will ensure the best fit for your sound requirements.

Sound Sensitivity

The sensitivity of sound level is measured in dB or decibels which describes the loudness of your subwoofer with lower frequencies.

Consider installation requirements

Considering the space and place for installation is something you cannot ignore when choosing a marine subwoofer.

For example; if you want to install the subwoofer in a boat, the size of the boat or the cabinet will also matter in choosing the right unit.

Number of speakers you want to pair with

Generally, it is ideal to pair one subwoofer for every two to four speakers but if your requirements are not similar then make your decision accordingly.

Build quality (Materials)

Make sure the subwoofer is built with marine-grade materials especially, the enclosure. (Marine-grade materials are resistant to somewhat water, salt, and UV rays.)

Additionally, a few parts of marine subwoofers are impact-resistant and come with marine certification.

Can you install a marine subwoofer?

Considering the safety and proper installation techniques you should always get marine subwoofers installed by a professional. A professional can also help you with some tips about the placement, connections, and installation requirements.

Final Thoughts

Harsh marine environments can damage standard subwoofer parts and hence marine subwoofers are designed to provide quality low-frequency (Bass) sound performance in such conditions.

Marine subwoofers are typically built with marine-grade materials. Hence they are resistant to water, salt, and UV rays, ensuring uncompromised performance outdoors.

These specialized units are available in various sizes and power-handling capabilities. Thus they can be accommodated in boats and cruises of different sizes and audio requirements.

Marine subwoofers are designed to pair with marine-specific amplifiers and speakers and need proper installation by a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marine certification for subwoofers?

There are various steps involved in the certification of marine subwoofers and speakers so that they meet their standards. It depends on the types of applications and generally, the process includes design review, inspection, verification, and testing.

How do marine subwoofers qualify?

The materials used to make marine subwoofers are tested to be able to resist impact, water, salt, dust, UV rays, etc,. Additionally, marine subwoofers go through a few quality reviews to pass the marine certification.

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