Matterhorn: The World’s largest Subwoofer

Did you know there exists a subwoofer that can be incorporated inside a typical shipping container?

In this article, we will be discussing the mother of all subs which is the ‘Matterhorn’ topping the list of the most powerful subwoofers.

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Matterhorn’ the giant monster is the largest Subwoofer in its category.
  • The motive behind its creation was to fulfill the military requirements of the United States.
  • The creation of ‘Matterhorn’ is highlighted in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest Subwoofer in the world.
  • The credit goes to DSL (Danley Sound Labs) for achieving the milestone.

Which is the world’s largest Subwoofer?

The ‘Matterhorn’ is the largest Subwoofer in the world designed by Danley Sound Labs, Gainesville, Georgia, USA. It holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest and most powerful subwoofer in the world. Additionally, it is also known as the mother of all subs.

What was the reason to build the world’s largest subwoofer?

The idea behind building a large subwoofer was not to impress the world of audio and sound systems.

Specifications of the giant Matterhorn are way beyond the standard speakers and subwoofers used in Concerts and auditoriums.

The actual motive to build a giant subwoofer was to simply help support the military requirements of the United States (US). (1)

The specifications of building the large subwoofer were quite challenging.

Even the successful team ‘Danley Sound Labs’ (DSL) had no clues on how to go about building the same.

However, with the need of the hour, the think tanks did not give up. Their expertise team with dedicated and qualified engineers worked hard to achieve something big.

What helped them most was their past successes, experienced team, and research.

Especially their chief designer Tom Danley who was the first person behind the ideology of building an acoustic levitator.

It wasn’t an accidental discovery, but was a successful thought that was implemented with the NASA space shuttle project.

What are the dimensions of the largest Subwoofer?

The Matterhorn subwoofer being the largest giant sub is built into a shipping container with a remarkably huge dimension of 20x8x8 (feet).

How much power does the largest subwoofer need?

The Matterhorn subwoofer comprises 40 built-in Subwoofers of 15 inches each.

Each subwoofer is powered by a 1,000-watt amplifier.

The total wattage amounts to a massive 40,000 watts of amplification to run this giant subwoofer unit.

When was the Matterhorn subwoofer built?

Matterhorn was built in March 2007 to fulfill the requirements of the US military.

What’s the frequency of the Matterhorn subwoofer?

Matterhorn subwoofer being the largest in its category was built to produce a very low distortion sine wave with a frequency range between 15Hz to 20Hz.

The requirement was to build an omnidirectional unit that fit in a standard shipping container and quickly adjust the frequencies.

What is the sound level of the largest subwoofer?

The largest subwoofer Matterhorn was ideally built to reproduce sound levels of at least 94dB to 104dB at 250 m (approx 820 ft).

Which is the largest Subwoofer Thunder 1000000 or Matterhorn?

Thunder 1000000 was a custom-made 60-inch subwoofer designed by Richard Clark and David Navone. It was associated with Concept Design and MTX Audio, USA. Although it holds the title of the biggest loudspeaker, but could not qualify in the audio world due to its unavailability in the market or not being a part of any production line.

Matterhorn is currently the largest subwoofer recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and the most powerful in its category as it runs on 40,000 watts of amplification.

Final Thoughts

Matterhorn a giant subwoofer is built in a large shipping container holding dimensions of 20x8x8 feet to produce higher sound levels.

‘Danley Sound Labs with their team of experts holds the credit for designing the most challenging subwoofer in March 2007.

It is the most powerful subwoofer in its category and runs with a massive 40,000 watts of amplification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were the challenges in building the largest subwoofer?

One of the major challenges was to build a large subwoofer (Matterhorn) that could produce a very low-distortion sine wave ranging between 15Hz to 20Hz frequencies. Moreover, the requirement was that the subwoofer Matterhorn should be capable of performing 24/7.

Is Thunder 1000000 still available?

The Thunder 1000000 is currently not available in the market due to technical reasons and is neither a part of any production line.

What is the most powerful subwoofer of all time?

Matterhorn is the most subwoofer of all time equipped with 40 units of subs of 15-inch each. Additionally, each sub runs on 1,000 watts of amplification making it to a massive 40,000 watts to run the entire unit. It is capable of producing low distortion sine waves ranging from 15Hz to 20Hz in a 24/7 cycle without rest. 

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