Subwoofer basket: What it is and how it works

If you look at the anatomy of the subwoofer, it consists of many parts such as the cone, magnets, surround, dust cap, voice coil, terminals, etc,.

Out of all these components, a subwoofer includes a special part that holds them together and is referred to as the basket.

A basket firmly holds all the active parts of the subwoofer together so they can do their job well.

What is a Subwoofer basket?

A basket in a subwoofer also known as a frame or the chassis holds the active parts of a subwoofer and speaker. The basket also includes an attachment flange for mounting purposes. The basket flange enables the basket to be mounted into cabinets or boxes to make up the standard unit or a subwoofer set.

The sizes and the types of brackets will vary depending on the type and size of the sound system.

What is a subwoofer basket made of?

The basket of the subwoofer is usually made of plastic, cast aluminum, mid-steel, and sometimes iron-coated. The cost of Subwoofer baskets made using cast aluminum is higher and are generally used on expensive units compared to those made from stamped steel or mid-steel.

Cast-aluminum brackets are more efficient when it comes to resisting heat that is generated by the other components of the subwoofer.

Additionally, subwoofer brackets made from aluminum are less prone to corrosion compared to steel parts.

How is a subwoofer basket made?

The most common process used to make subwoofer baskets is stamped or pressed methods.

In this process, flat metal sheets of steel are placed in a press containing tool or die of different shapes and sizes.

The sheets are then pressed to gain the required shapes that are worked upon further.

Additionally, there are various processes involved such as trimming, punching, welding, coating, etc., to produce the finished product.

On the other hand, cast aluminum brackets for subwoofers are made using the casting process.

The aluminum is melted in huge containers under immense heat until it turns into a liquid state.

Next, the molten aluminum is transferred to molds for shaping.

The molds are designed to gain the shape of a subwoofer bracket of different shapes and sizes.

The molds are set for cooling for a dedicated time frame.

Upon cooling the brackets are ejected from the molds for further treatments.

To shape the edges the baskets are sent for trimming through machines or by hand.

Finally, the finished products are polished and coated with several chemically processed applications.

What is the best material for a subwoofer basket?

Metallic baskets made from steel and aluminum are considered to be the best materials.

Parts made of metal are always tensile and durable compared to brackets made from plastic.

However, aluminum is far better than steel when it comes to withstand high heating conditions.

When it comes to plastic baskets for subwoofers and speakers, the making cost is inexpensive, and thus the cost of the finished products.

The baskets made using tough and durable plastic material can deteriorate under heating conditions.

A metallic basket can contribute better to the overall performance of your sound system.

Can you repair a broken basket in Subwoofers?

Minor cracks to the edges of a basket can be glued using stronger adhesives to some extent. However, it may not offer firm support like the new or the replacement will do.

Chances are that the crack may reappear over time due to excess force and vibration.

In most cases, you will have to replace the basket and it could be a challenging task.

This is because the replacement process will require disassembling all the parts of the subwoofer connected to the basket.

Parts such as the cone, surround, pole-piece, magnets, voice coil, dust dome, terminals, etc,.

Without expertise and knowledge, you may end up damaging one or more components which adds to the cost of repair.

It is always better to approach a local professional who deals with subwoofers, speakers, and other music system repairs.

Additionally, you can always contact the manufacturer of your subwoofer and speaker for more alternatives.

Does the quality of the basket impact sound in subwoofers?

The materials and the built quality of the basket have an impact on the overall audio. A stiff and strong basket will hold the subwoofer parts firmly and allow their movement caused due to force and pressure to produce a high-quality sound.

Why are the Subwoofer baskets painted in different colors?

Major and popular brands paint their baskets and other parts of the sound system to display their identity in the form of colors.

Hence, you will find some baskets painted with different colors through which one can easily identify the brand it belongs to.

Additionally, some baskets are painted for coating purposes that can prevent corrosion.

Final Thoughts

Subwoofer baskets can be of various types, designs, and sizes depending on the type of system they will be added to.

The materials preferred to make subwoofer baskets are typically strong and durable so that they can hold the parts together during high-level vibrations.

A cracked or damaged basket will affect the overall functioning of the subwoofer and speaker. With a little know-how, you can try to identify the actual cause or simply contact a service professional.

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