Subwoofer Recone Kits: Purpose and Application

Subwoofer recone kits are comprehensive packages designed to breathe new life into your favorite subwoofers. 

They include essential parts like cones, voice coils, spiders, and surrounds so you can swap out broken ones without having to buy a new subwoofer. 

These kits, which provide a cost-effective, green way to restore your audio setup, are nothing short of a lifeline in the field of audio repairs.

These kits are essential for audio enthusiasts and professionals. In this article we’ll go through their purpose and discuss various applications.

What Are Subwoofer Recone Kits?

Subwoofer recone kits are specialized repair packages designed to restore or upgrade the essential components of a speaker’s driver, specifically the cone-type speakers like subwoofers. 

These kits contain several vital components.

Voice Coil: This is a coil of wire that generates a magnetic field when current flows through it. It interacts with the speaker’s magnet to produce sound vibrations.

Cone: The cone is an essential component of the speaker, responsible for producing sound waves. It moves back and forth in response to the electrical signals from the voice coil.

Spider (or Damper): The spider is a flexible, corrugated material that supports the voice coil’s movement, ensuring it stays centered within the speaker magnet’s magnetic field.

Surround (or Suspension): Subwoofer surround is a flexible ring that connects the outer edge of the cone to the speaker’s frame, allowing the cone to move freely while maintaining its position.

Dust Cap: The dust cap covers the center of the speaker, protecting the voice coil and other internal components from dust and debris.

Gasket: The gasket is a rubber or foam ring that creates an airtight seal between the speaker and the mounting surface, preventing air leaks and ensuring efficient sound production.

Recone kits are essential for repairing speakers that have damaged components, allowing users to replace the worn-out or broken parts and restore the speaker’s functionality and sound quality. 

They are particularly valuable for audio enthusiasts and professionals who want to extend the lifespan of their speakers or customize their audio equipment for specific applications.

Purpose: Replacing Damaged or Worn-Out Parts

For music lovers dealing with a damaged subwoofer, recone kits are the go-to solution. 

Subwoofers may wear out due to heavy use or accidents, causing problems like distorted sound or weak bass. 

Recone kits step in by replacing these worn-out parts, restoring the subwoofer’s performance.

These kits are carefully designed to address various problems, including:

Blown Subwoofer

When a subwoofer experiences an electrical overload or sudden surge, the voice coil can burn out, rendering the subwoofer non-functional.

Replacing the damaged voice coil with a component from a recone kit resurrects the subwoofer, allowing it to deliver powerful bass once again.

Distorted Sound

Distorted sound from a subwoofer often indicates issues with the cone or surround. 

Tears or deformities in these components can lead to uneven vibrations, clipping and compromised sound quality. 

Recone kits provide new, precision-engineered cones and surrounds, ensuring a seamless audio experience without distortions.

Loss of Bass Response

A subwoofer’s spider, responsible for maintaining the voice coil’s alignment, can weaken over time. 

This can result in a loss of bass response and overall clarity. 

Replacing the spider with a fresh one from a recone kit restores the subwoofer’s ability to deliver deep, resonant bass frequencies.

Advantages of using recone kits

Subwoofer recone kits provide a range of advantages, making them a popular choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of their benefits:

Cost-Effectiveness: Recone kits are significantly cheaper than buying a new subwoofer. By replacing specific damaged parts, you save money while restoring audio quality.

Customization: These kits allow you to customize your subwoofers. Components can be chosen to match specific audio preferences, enhancing the subwoofer’s performance to meet individual needs.

Environmental Sustainability: Recone kits reduce electronic waste by enabling the repair and refurbishment of subwoofers. Instead of discarding entire units for a single fault, these kits promote eco-conscious practices and prolong electronic device lifespan.

Preservation of High-Quality Equipment: If you are using a high-end or vintage subwoofer, finding the exact replacements can be difficult. Recone kits preserve these unique and high-quality devices, maintaining their distinct sound characteristics over time.

Application of Subwoofer Recone Kits

Identifying Subwoofer Issues

Subwoofers, despite their robustness, can exhibit symptoms indicating the need for reconing.

By keenly observing these signs, you can preemptively address issues and decide if reconing is necessary.

Common problems in subwoofer’s include:

Distorted Sound

Distorted sound, often accompanied by rattling or buzzing noises, suggests issues with the voice coil or cone. 

Tears or burns on the cone, as well as misalignment of the voice coil, can lead to distorted audio output.

Lack of Bass

When a subwoofer fails to deliver the deep, resonant bass it once did, the spider or surround may be the culprit. 

Wear and tear on these components can impede the subwoofer’s movement, reducing its ability to produce low-frequency sounds effectively.

Inconsistencies in Audio Output

Uneven audio output or sudden drops in volume might indicate problems with the voice coil, surround, or even the magnet structure.

These issues can result in irregular vibrations, disrupting the subwoofer’s performance.

Step-by-Step Reconing Process

Reconing a subwoofer demands precision and attention to detail. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to successfully recone a subwoofer:

Gather Necessary Tools and Materials:

subwoofer recone kit for reconing
  • Subwoofer recone kit (containing cone, voice coil, spider, surround, adhesive, etc.)
  • Screwdrivers, pliers, and a utility knife
  • Epoxy adhesive and a glue gun
  • Alignment shims and centering tools
  • Multimeter for impedance checking

Disassemble the Subwoofer

Carefully remove the speaker grille and screws holding the subwoofer in place.

Detach the cone, voice coil, spider, and surround from the frame.

Prepare the Components

Remove the old cone, voice coil, spider, and surround from the frame.

Clean the frame thoroughly and ensure it is free of any adhesive residue.

Assemble the New Components:

  • Align the new voice coil and attach it to the spider.
  • Carefully glue the spider to the frame, ensuring it is perfectly centered.
  • Attach the new cone to the voice coil and secure it in place.
  • Affix the surround, ensuring it is evenly glued and centered.

Align and Center the Components

Utilize alignment shims and centering tools to ensure the voice coil, cone, and spider are perfectly aligned and centered within the frame.

Adhesive Application

Use epoxy adhesive and a glue gun to secure the components to the frame.

Apply adhesive sparingly, ensuring a strong bond without excess material seeping out.

Test the Subwoofer

Use a multimeter to check the impedance of the reconed subwoofer.

Gently push the cone to confirm smooth movement without any rubbing or resistance.

Reassemble the Subwoofer

Secure the reconed subwoofer back into the enclosure.

Reattach the speaker grille and screws.

Tips and Best Practices for Successful Reconing

Proper Alignment of Components

Precise alignment ensures optimal performance. Take your time to align the voice coil, spider, and cone accurately.

Adhesive Application

Apply adhesive evenly and sparingly. Excess adhesive can affect the subwoofer’s movement and sound quality.

Voice Coil Centering

Ensuring the voice coil is perfectly centered prevents rubbing against the magnet, preserving sound quality and longevity.

Attention to Detail

Be meticulous in every step of the reconing process. Attention to detail is key to a successful reconing job.

By following these steps and adhering to best practices, you can effectively recone you subwoofer, restoring them to peak performance and extending their lifespan significantly.

Proper reconing not only saves money but also ensures a superior audio experience for years to come.

Types of Subwoofer Recone Kits

OEM vs. Aftermarket Kits: Understanding the Distinctions

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recone kits and aftermarket recone kits are the two main options available to enthusiasts for subwoofer recone kits. 

Each kind has a unique set of Pros and Cons.

OEM Recone Kits


Guaranteed Compatibility: OEM kits are designed by the original manufacturer of the subwoofer. This ensures a perfect match, maintaining the subwoofer’s original specifications and performance.

Quality Assurance: OEM kits typically uphold stringent quality standards, ensuring that the components meet the manufacturer’s specifications for longevity and sound quality.


Higher Cost: OEM recone kits are often more expensive due to the brand association and guaranteed compatibility.

Aftermarket Recone Kits


Cost-Effectiveness: Aftermarket kits are generally more budget-friendly, making them an attractive option for enthusiasts seeking economical solutions without compromising quality.

Variety and Customization: Aftermarket kits come in a wide variety, allowing you to choose from various components like cones, voice coils, and surrounds. This diversity enables customization based on personal preferences and specific audio requirements.


Potential Compatibility Issues: While aftermarket kits strive for compatibility, there can be slight variations in specifications. This may lead to challenges in achieving the exact performance as the original subwoofer.

Specialized Kits: Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Performance

In addition to OEM and aftermarket recone kits, there are specialized recone kits tailored for specific subwoofer models or applications. 

These kits are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique demands of particular subwoofer designs.

Here’s why they are advantageous:

Optimized Performance: Specialized kits are engineered to enhance the subwoofer’s performance, ensuring it operates at its full potential. This optimized performance translates into superior sound quality and bass response.

Perfect Compatibility: These kits are precisely matched to the designated subwoofer model, guaranteeing flawless compatibility. Users can be confident that every component will fit seamlessly, eliminating the hassle of adjustments or modifications.

Advanced Materials: Specialized kits often incorporate advanced materials and cutting-edge technologies, elevating the subwoofer’s capabilities. This can result in improved durability, better heat dissipation, and enhanced overall longevity.

In summary, while OEM recone kits offer guaranteed compatibility and quality assurance, aftermarket kits provide cost-effective solutions with customization options. 

Specialized recone kits, on the other hand, offer tailored solutions for specific subwoofer models, ensuring optimized performance and seamless compatibility.

Final Thoughts

Subwoofer recone kits, consisting of components like voice coils, cones, and surrounds, are vital for maintaining, repairing, and even customizing subwoofers.

The cost-effectiveness, customization options, and environmental benefits of recone kits makes them a life saver for our hard working subs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets apart a subwoofer replacement from a recone kit?

A replacement subwoofer replaces the previous, damaged one, but a subwoofer recone kit is a set of parts used to repair a defective subwoofer.

How do I find the right recone kit for my subwoofer?

To pick the right recone kit, consider your subwoofer’s make, model, and size. Also, assess the type of damage your subwoofer has sustained.

When should I opt for a recone kit?

If your subwoofer is damaged beyond repair due to reasons like overuse, distortion, or physical impact, it’s time to use a recone kit for the necessary fixes.

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